Jacket Style


Jacket manufacturer sometimes start from design. Our Style department is composed by Italian designers, coming form most famous Milan fashion schools. Moreover, Arbo Moda designers are always present at the main Italian and French fashion shows.

We also deal with external designer in order to match client specific needs. We can deal both with precise brief, but also prepare a jacket sample basing on our consulting service. In addition to that, in 1st Priority jackets designs projects we can deliver a 0 to 100% completed design within 10 working days.

Modelling Service


Arbo Moda provides jackets modelling service, developing technical sheets, measures and sizes based on the customer’s fit.

Additionally, Arbo Moda can also guarantee 1st Priority process. Jacket sample delivered within 15 days from design approval at our partner sample room.

Jacket manufacturer - Arbo Moda Company


Arbo Moda has a shortlist of selected and affordable jackets manufacturers BSCI certified in China and Far East. Therefore mass jackets production or smaller batch jackets production can both be delivered.

Also quality and related QC can be set on client will: internal partners, on production plant client personal control or also external players as SGS and INTERTEK which already deal with Arbo Moda. Even QC in Italy is a chance.

Jackets Importing


Arbo Moda can manage all of the importing steps directly or offer specific consulting services: jackets importing, transport or logistics management.

Consequently, clients can select between all inclusive services or tailor made support in transporting jackets production batches. Feel free to contact us to define your service needs!



Arbo Moda already deals with main logistics players, in order to grant best value for money.

Furthermore Arbo Moda offers specific jackets services: container unloading or stocking in warehouses equipped for receiving clothes in boxes or hanging.



Arbo Moda has Chinese trusted partners which ensure to receive jackets without issues and disappointments.

Nonetheless, Arbo Moda is supplied by high quality ironing companies, in order to restore jackets to perfect condition, ready for your showroom.



Arbo Moda can provide a labelling and repairing service for garments which are already packed: technologies and processes label related on jackets are part of our expertise.

Even though private labelling is our standard, we also have wholesale brand disposable. Need already labeled winter jackets? Visit TerzoEgo